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Road Trip Car Maintenance | Youngstown, OH

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready for Your Next Road Trip

Before you gather your friends to experience the open road, it’s always good to do some road trip car maintenance in Youngstown, OH, to avoid any potential problems and reduce the probability of getting sidelined on your trip. Schedule a service appointment at Certified Superlot, a Sweeney Company and our well trained service staff will make sure your road trip goes smoothly. 

One of the most common problems you can experience on a road trip is something tire related. We know you can’t avoid road hazards that could lead to a flat, but we can check for some connected tire problems. We check for uneven tire wear, properly inflated tires, and if the tread is worn to the point that it should be replaced. We will also inspect your brakes, as well as determine how much life is left in your brake pads.

When we check under the hood of your vehicle, we’ll inspect your suspension system for worn or damaged parts. You may be in need of new shocks or struts, and that’s not something you want to find out you need in the middle of a road trip. We will also check your battery, make sure the terminals are corrosion-free, and the positive and negative leads are tight.

Another common vehicle failure is the cooling system, so it may be time for a coolant exchange or flush. Our service staff can remove old fluid and replace it with fresh, clean fluid that restores your cooling system. We’ll also be checking for leaked and weakened hoses, and replacing worn parts like the radiator cap. 


We will also make sure your transmission isn’t overlooked. It’s important before you go on a road trip to check for any transmission problems, as they can take some time to fix, setting you back a few days before you reach your road trip destination. Transmission repair can also be expensive, but to make this expense easier, we offer a variety of service specials to our valued customers.

Another area of your vehicle we’ll inspect are your engine belts. If we notice they’re ragged, torn, cracked, or showing the fiber cords, it’s time for fresh ones. A sign you may need new belts is if you hear loud screeches when you pull away from a stoplight. If it is, we’ll definitely take care of it for you.

It’s also best to change your oil before heading off into the open road. Check the sticker on your windshield, and if you’re close to the recommended oil change date, it’s a good idea to get it changed out for fresh oil.

Don’t run the risk of being stranded because you didn’t take your car to Certified Superlot, a Sweeney Company to get it checked before a road trip. Road trip car maintenance in Youngstown, OH, is a necessity before embarking on an adventure in your vehicle. You can schedule a service appointment by filling out our form online, or by calling 877-360-5062.